Commercial Safe Services

Active Safe Removals specialise in commercial applications of safe, vault, armoury and strong room removal and refurbishment.

Based near Browns Plains in Brisbane, Queensland, Active Safe Removals have assisted businesses remove, refurbish and install safes, vaults, armouries and strong rooms around the whole of Australia. However, you will appreciate the cost benefits of utilising a local business every time you need a Queensland secure storage item moved.

Active Safe Removals work extensively in safes, vaults, armouries, strong rooms etc and we specialise in

  • Pick up and put down
  • Disposal of unwanted secure hardware
  • Install new safes
  • Refurbishment of safes, vaults etc.
  • Safe servicing

Over the many years we have been in business we have found that those industries that benefit most from our services include

  • Pharmaceutical manufacture and sales
  • Jewellers and gemmologists
  • Finance and banking industries
  • Armourers
  • Defence industry organisations

You will never have heard, nor will you hear from us, that an organisation has a safe or has updated their security- we pride ourselves on managing your security more tightly than you manage it yourself. Being family owned and run, with staff that have a long history with us and no use for contractors or casual labour, Active Safe Removals have the best possible control of your security.

Because we have in-house the mechanical aids to lift and move extremely heavy and dense objects, we are also able to assist in the pick up and put down of other items such as milling machines, wood and metal lathes amongst others.

Next time you need a vault or safe moved or refurbished, or some heavy machinery to relocate, why not look to your local expert to save substantially and make your security both a financial and a security success.