Refurbishment, Modification and Lockouts

Active Safe Removals are fully qualified to assist you with any lockout issues. There are many reasons you may be locked out; a fire, attempted theft, lost keys and combinations, lock failure, or even insufficient maintenance or safe servicing. When this happens the last thing you need is an inexperienced service provider.

Active Safe Removals have over 40 years of professional experience to help you through these times. The team are fully conversant and skilled in different lock techniques as well as able to use the latest technology to ensure they can access your safe or vault with the minium of fuss and recommission it as soon as possible with no damage. They carry out this activity with the purpose of access as well as not compromising the future security or fire safety of the safe.

Refurbishing your safe or vault can include a plethora of activities all of which are aimed at improving the security, safety, efficiency and attractiveness of your equipment.

You may wish to upgrade your locking mechanism from a combination lock to an electronic lock. The benefits of this change include ease of use, faster and easier combination changes and more security. Electronic locks also often allow an audit trail of those times when the safe is opened and closed, as well as other features such as duress alarms, time delays and multiple user accounts.

Full refurbishment of safes can also include respraying of the whole piece. This can be useful if you wish to help your safe blend into the background, just update the colour or finish to a more modern look, or ensure it looks professional. Some vaults have to be in the public eye, such as jewellers and some other businesses, so your security equipment needs to look the part.

Other modifications in which Active Safe Removals specialise are adding

  • Deposit drawers
  • Posting slots
  • 2 key inserts
  • Internal cupboards and drawers

There is often no need to buy and install a whole new safe- refurbishment and modification can save you substantial dollars for no change in risk.