Safe Servicing

Active Safe Removals specialise in all aspects of safe servicing and maintenance. Your Brisbane or Queensland located safe or vault can be protected continuously through regular maintenance and servicing. Active Safe Removals offer service Australia wide, so can be your one stop shop for all safe, vault and armoury servicing.

Regular servicing of your safe, vault or armoury will prolong its useful life and ensure trouble free use every day. Active Safe Removals are fully equipped to service all types of locks and locking mechanisms, as well as retro fit new locks to make your life easier.

Servicing ensures reliability, meaning you and your team can always access the contents of your safe easily and safely. Reliability means less down time, no waste, no disgruntled customers and the easy knowledge that your valuables are safe.

Imagine how you would feel if you found the lock didn’t work properly on your armoury and something went missing, similarly, with pharmaceuticals, having any of these in the wrong hands – criminal or incompetent- is a huge burden to bear when it is totally avoidable with a quality, well serviced safe.

Depending on how often your safe is accessed will help determine how often it should be serviced. A daily use vault or safe should see a 12 monthly service. Active Safe Removals are happy to set up a regular service plan for you which will ensure minimum down time with maximum efficiency done in a totally professional manner.

Your service will include elements of:

  • Where required, removal, testing and lubrication of the lock
  • Testing, adjustment and checking of all the operating parts of the door
  • Overall examination for external weakness or issues

Keep your safe safe with regular servicing to make sure it is functional for you 24/7 with no lockouts, lost time, lost productivity or lost money.